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Acupuncture for Respiratory System

Acupuncture can be used effectively in the treatment of respiratory problems. Within a short course of treatment, one can see marked improvement for a cold or flu. People who commonly experience winter colds and/or bronchitis can benefit from acupuncture  because it treats the root cause and strengthens immunity. Acupuncture can also be used in the treatment of sinusitis, allergies, and asthma. The treatment can be combined with herbal medicine to achieve an additional benefit without the common side-effects associated with over-the-counter remedies

WebMD states, “In a new study of 68 people with COPD, some got acupuncture, along with their daily medication, for three months. Others got a sham acupuncture treatment, in which the needles did not enter their skin. Those who received acupuncture along with their daily medication for three months were able to walk longer without becoming breathless, compared to those who got the sham acupuncture treatment.

The study appears online in the Archives of Internal Medicine. People who received real acupuncture also showed improvements in their quality of life and ability to exercise, according to researchers from Kyoto University and Meiji University of Integrative Medicine in Kyoto, Japan.”