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Chinese Medicine

There are many forms of Chinese medicine. This includes herbal medicine and qi gong. The Chinese medicine views the body as an energetic system in active balance. Chinese medicine helps restore the body to the balance lost due to lack of qi, or energy. It is used to correct imbalances caused by illness and pain.

Herbal medicine is used to promote health. They are usually in a tea, pill, or in the form of pharmaceutical grade extracts. When there is a pattern of disharmony, there will be an individualized herbal formula constructed to help correct this pattern.

Qi Gong is the moving of qi through the body by using physical movements and mental concentration. It is used to promote and preserve health, or used in response to specific disorders. Qi Gong requires the body to be relaxed and the mind to be focused on specific ideas or parts of the body.

Another type of Qi Gong involves the massaging of a specific part of the body while contemplating on balancing the qi in that part of the body. The exercises may be done while sitting, standing, or lying down.