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How effective is TCM in the treatment of infertility?

The combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture can be very effective in the treatment of infertility. It can also improve follicular and ovarian function, as well as increasing blood flow.

When is the best time to have acupuncture treatment?

Patients usually begin treatment several months prior to insemination. Allowing more time for treatment improves the pacing and overall therapeutic effect. Because most miscarriage occur within the first 3 months of pregnancy, therefore, to prevent miscarriage, we suggest the patients may have last through 3 months’ acupuncture treatment.

Are there risks associated with using TCM in treatment of infertility?

Acupuncture is generally safe regardless of a person’s medical history. If the patient seeks treatment from a qualified acupuncturist with experience treating infertility, there are virtually no risks.

Acupuncture can be used to treat any type of fertility disorder, is often combined with herbs to treat the following problems:  PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) with no ovulatory cycle, miscarriage, and idiopathic infertility (can’t find what is cause infertility).