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Acupuncture Spirit

Acupuncture Spirit

According to Ancient History, famous doctors were able to treat patients without knowing their symptom or hearing their complains. These doctors were able to diagnose and treat their patients through reading their pulse. Is it true?

Dr. Pan Xiao Chuan, the Canadian who founded Acupuncture Spirit, states that Acupuncture Spirit is a new technique which uses very fine, thin needles to regulate the pulse. This new technique uses less needles the majority of the time. Dr. Pan Xiao Chuan’s technique works through pulse diagnosis. Using this diagnosis, doctors are able to know the patient’s Qi condition, the differential of the patient’s illness, and change the Qi of the illness in order to recover from the ailment. This technique is known as “Acupuncture Spirit”.

The technique doesn’t require the doctor to ask about the patient’s symptoms. Treatment is through the pulse (Qi). Very small, thin needles are used easing the sensation of the needle and aiding in the patient’s recovery.

Acupuncture Spirit treats the whole body, regulate the pulse, and increases the function of the immune system within the body. It facilitates rapid healing and treats some diseases which are untreatable in Western medicine with amazing results, for example, diabetes, high blood pressure, internal issues, and so on.

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